Sometimes the Journey is the Destination…


At Angie’s Epicurean, our ice cream and food culture is based on pure devotion through every step of the process.

We carefully pick the best quality ingredients and handcraft each ice cream, where the development of flavors is elevated to an art edible form. 


"Creating treats with a health-oriented focus is Angie’s Passion"

Angie’s is the Destination where the Journey begins.

We charm and cultivate each guest with our high-end premium brand that bridges the gap of an inclusive appealing designer brand within a plant based oriented space.

The sophisticated curious shoppers want to not only taste good products, but also get lost in the beautiful design and atmosphere at Angie’s which was inspired by the old-world European influence and modern design.

We speak the language of beauty together with a strong conscious DNA. Our values stand for no animal cruelty, real ingredients and sustainability of our beautiful earth, and this is our Story.

Angie’s is more than ice cream, good ingredients and detailed design. Angie’s is an experience that leaves customers always wondering more… What is new during each visit or event? A new campaign, new flavor, new product or new design.









Owner and plant-based chef, Angela Fernandez, designs each dessert and gourmet product from scratch with a health-oriented focus; catering cross-market to all dietary needs, including: kosher, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy free, non-GMO and plant based. Partnered with international franchisor, Dylan Finger, the Angie’s concept offers superior flavor, quality and culinary artisanry in a design-forward environment.